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We are healing focused.
We are inspired and strive to inspire.

We foster a transparent & collaborative community.

Tracy Edwards


CEO & Founder

At Asa Healthcare Solutions, we do more than provide medical staffing. We are a team of hospital administrators who saw a need for excellence in healthcare staffing. 

We are fully committed to helping our partners meet and exceed the quality, service and regulatory standards and metrics within the industry.

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Collaboration with our partners is essential.

At Asa Healthcare Solutions, we strive to create a relationship with our clients and truly become "Partners" to provide a standard of care we believe is exceptional. Asa Healthcare Solutions is an agency by the healthcare industry, for the healthcare industry, and we partner with you to achieve the excellence you envision.

Since opening, Asa Healthcare Solutions has quickly grown into a trusted source for high quality healthcare professionals. We believe our growth is due to the amazing relationship we have with our partners, and we are honored by the trust they place in us. We know this trust is earned every day by our nurses and healthcare providers. 


Staffing to Fit Your Needs

 Registered Nurses- all specialties

Licensed Practical Nurses

Respiratory Therapists

and more...

Per Diem  |  Contract Staff  |  Permanent Placement

Temporary Assignments  |  Permanent Assignments

Urban & Rural Hospitals 

Long-term Care Facilities 

Crisis-stabilization Units 

Behavioral Health Facilities 

And more... 

*A comprehensive listing of other Allied Healthcare Professionals upon request

Every Facility is Unique

While Asa Healthcare Solutions is a medical staffing agency, we understand that every facility is unique. Our goal is to partner with you to provide high caliber, experienced and compassionate candidates while decreasing costs to your organization and burden on your internal staff. 


We require extensive testing when onboarding healers and require that all our healers hold an American Heart Association Certificate.

We Dig Deep

At Asa Healthcare Solutions, we dig deeper to make sure our team fits into our partners’ corporate culture. We ensure that our healers are not just matched to open job orders by experience and availability, but that they are the right person for the job. We vet our healer candidates using clinical skill, critical thinking and behavioral based assessments to ensure our partners get the very best match for their organization. 



We go one step further and partner with your organization to orient our team specifically to your health care facility. As industry veterans, we know and understand will help in providing a better continuity of care, improved outcomes and higher HCAHPS scores.

Relias Assessments

Through our partnership with Relias, we vet our candidates using clinical skill, critical thinking and behavioral based assessments to ensure you get the very best match for your organization. Our credentialing process also ensures that our clinicians are knowledgeable of all regulatory bodies including OSHA, Joint Commission, DNV, CMS and regulations specific to your state.   

High Level of Commitment to Healthcare Staffing
Leadership Team

As a leadership team, we strive to create a relationship with our clients and truly become "Partners" to provide a standard of care we believe is exceptional. Asa Healthcare Solutions is an agency for the healthcare industry, by the healthcare industry, and we partner with our clients to achieve the excellence each envision.

We'd love to discuss your staffing needs.

April LittleMSN, RN

Director of Nursing

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Director of Operations

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Exceeding Expectations


In 2020, Asa Healthcare Solutions was honored to earn The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for Health Care Staffing Services Certification by demonstrating continuous compliance with its performance standards. This Health Care Staffing Services Certification demonstrates Asa Healthcare Solutions’ high level of commitment to healthcare staffing. We are proud to work with healthcare professionals who see themselves as healers. Our partners also place a high value on quality care. This certification is a sign of our work to ensure how qualifications and competencies of staff are determined, how staff are placed and how their performance is monitored. Many staffing agencies do not pursue this certification, but we believed it was vitally important to our agency’s values and our partners to hold ourselves to a high standard.

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"They are very down to earth, transparent, fair, and open to suggestions on how to make things better for everyone, not just their company. I really feel like they are about the care to the patients and not just about staffing bodies. Asa always follows our protocols and ensures we have everything we need for the staff prior to the first day of their assignment. The nurses they provide to us are always great and knowledgeable, and if we do have an issue with one of the nurses they address it and handle it in real time."  

Casey Fleckenstein, BSN, RN

Director of Patient Care Services

Emergency Management Coordinator

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