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Welcome Asa Healer!


Qualifying employees will be eligible to sign up for benefits within 30 days of your first working day. Please download the Paylocity app or view benefit information below. Please note that if you do not sign up within 30 days you will have to wait until the next open enrollment period to join the benefit plan unless you have a qualifying event like loss of coverage elsewhere.


Company ID: 179517

Download Paylocity

to access your payroll & HR services.

Which benefits do you have questions about or would you like to enroll in?

Message sent.

I will contact you shortly.

Contact Sarah Kirk, Director of Operations using the form here or email with any questions.


Medical, Dental, Vision & Supplemental Insurance available

Asa 2023-2024 Insurance Enrollment Form
Asa 2023-2024 Insurance Enrollment Form
Asa 2023-2024 Benefit Guide
Asa 2023-2024 Benefit Guide
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