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This pandemic has created a challenging time in the healthcare industry. 

Our partners need support staff, & Asa Healthcare Solutions is working to help. 

Through our new Asa Bridge program, we’ll place healers in immediate need PRN positions that are perfect for someone furloughed from their full-time job or interested in rejoining the healthcare workforce in this critical time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a staffing agency?
Asa Healthcare Solutions connects healers with hometown healthcare. We place high-quality healers like nurses, respiratory therapists, and other specialties in contract and PRN positions within our network of partner facilities across Georgia.

How is Asa Bridge different from 'regular' positions with Asa?
While agency work may not be a regular path for some, this will allow people to continue to work while their permanent positions may be on hold without fully committing to another full-time position.

Who is eligible to apply/Who is an ideal candidate?
RNs, LPNs, and RRTs with previous work experience. Those who might be furloughed from regular work or looking to help with the staffing needs created by this unique situation. Anyone with an active license.

What kind of placements can I expect? 
Most of our partner facilities are hospital or long-term care settings.

Can I pick my own shifts? 
Yes, a wide variety of shifts are available allowing you to manage your schedule as you’d like.

How is pay determined? 
Rates are predetermined by an agreement with the client, your recruiter will be able to provide more information.

What will I need in order to apply?

  • Your active licensure

  • Proof of current immunizations

  • Current PPD


How will the onboarding process work?
Those who apply through Asa Bridge will still need to complete a background check and drug screen as well as our regular employment testing. Candidates will work with an Asa recruiter to move through the process. We will waive as many requirements and steps as we feel we can without compromising the effectiveness of our candidates and our promise of quality.

Asa Bridge Referral Bonus

We're offering a special referral bonus for Asa Team members who refer other providers to work PRN shifts for Asa during this period of critical staffing need.

Asa Team members will receive $100 when the 

referred provider works their first shift!

*Your referral must share your name with their recruiter as their referring Asa Team member*

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